Here is an archive of some of the crazier things I've done over the years--some for school projects, some just for fun. Most are unproduced, unmastered recordings, but many of the performances are pretty cool.

Engineering Projects for SWT

Sorry I asked


Shawn: songwriting, vocals
Nicholas: tap
Marcus Cardwell: saxophone, vocals, engineering, production, mixing
Jeff Settle: songwriting, guitar
Chuck Hales: bass
Mike Longoria: drums
Matt Prause: 2nd engineer
Recorded at The Fire Station, San Marcos, TX-2000


DeWayne Jackson: songwriting, vocals/bass/keyboards/drums (simultaneously), percussion
Marcus Cardwell: saxophone, engineering, mixing
Aaron Foye: 2nd Engineer
Angela: 2nd Engineer
Recorded at The Fire Station, San Marcos, TX-1999

I'm not an addict

Jennifer Parrish: vocals
Bill Lane: guitar, vocals
Marcus Cardwell: engineering, mixing
Recorded at The Fire Station B-Room, San Marcos, TX-1998

I smell somethin' funky

Marcus Cardwell: songwriting, vocals, saxophones, bass, drum programming, engineering, mixing
Jimmy Vinson: keyboards
Recorded at The Fire Station B-Room, San Marcos, TX-1998

Cletus' Boobsy-Q 30-second spot

Cletus' Boobsy-Q 1-minute spot

Marcus Cardwell: voice-over, editing, engineering, mixing
Willie Boughton: voice over
Recorded at The Fire Station B-Room, San Marcos, TX-1998

Show of force 30-second spot

Show of force 1-minute spot

Marcus Cardwell: voice-over, editing, engineering, mixing
Recorded at The Duval Villas, Apt. 334, Austin, TX-1998

Tribal Nation Live at The Flamingo


Playin' it cool

DeWayne Jackson: songwriting, electronic drums, vocals
Jay Williams: songwriting, bass, vocals
Michael Franklin: songwriting, guitar, keyboards, vocals
Jai: toasting, percussion, vocals
Marcus Cardwell: saxophone
Buddy: engineering
Recorded at the Flamingo Cantina, Austin, TX-1996





Mark Soderquist: songwriting, keyboards, vocals, mixing
Mike Hermans: songwriting, guitar
Marcus Cardwell: songwriting, bass, saxophone, engineering
Dave Grashow: songwriting, drums, mixing
Recorded at Practice room #5, Boston, MA-1995

Motion Paralax

What Is Hip?

Christina Oliva: vocals
Marcus Cardwell: tenor saxophone
Dave Hess: alto saxophone
Adrian: trumpet
Jim Thompson: trombone
John Farr: guitar
Danny: bass
Rainer Plaschka: vocals
Johannes Wallman: keyboards
Doug Hinrichs: percussion
Rendall Childs: drums
Recorded at Berklee Studio F, Boston MA-1994

Berklee Projects


Marcus Cardwell: saxophone
Johannes Wallman: keyboards, vocals
Bobby Lee Rogers: guitar
Wynott: electric bass
Unknown: upright bass
Andy Sanesi: drums
Unknown: drums
Jim Thompson: samples, engineering, mixing
Recorded at Berklee Studio A, Boston, MA-1994

Dave Kaufman's Demo

Dave Kaufman: songwriting, guitar, engineering, mixing
Marcus Cardwell: songwriting, saxophone
Mark Soderquist: keyboards
Michael Godwyn: bass
Drex: drums
Recorded at Berklee Studio A, Boston MA-1994


Chris Pumpelly: guitar
Marcus Cardwell: saxophone
Craig: organ
Ed Lanouette: bass
Andy Sanesi: drums
Recorded at Berklee Recital Hall 1A, Boston MA-1994

Stranger to the light

James: Guitar
Marcus Cardwell: saxophone
Unknown: keyboards
Unknown: bass
Nick: drums
Recorded at Berklee Recital Hall 1W, Boston MA-1994

Invention in the style of J.S. Bach

Marcus Cardwell: composition, programming
From the Mac at the Berklee learning lab 1994

How high the moo

Rob Bochan: bass, samples, engineering, mixing
Marcus Cardwell: saxophone
Allen Otts: Guitar
Recorded at Comm. Ave. Room 617, Boston MA-1991

The Barking Tribe

Would I lie

Kerry Pate: songwriting, guitar, vocals, production
Mike Callahan: bass, vocals
Marcus Cardwell: songwriting, saxophone, vocals
Dylan Proctor: songwriting, drums, vocals
David Brbe: engineering, mixing
Recorded at John Keane Studios, Athens GA-1993

Carlos & myself

Riff from Alien Propaganda

Marcus Cardwell: songwriting, saxophone, nose whistle, engineering
Carlos Pino: nose whistle, engineering, mixing
Dave Grashow: answering machine
Recorded at the Pino house, Vestavia Hills AL-1993

Midnite Rain

Lonesome Trail

What up, Do?/Uranus

Rigid Waters


Ride The River

Marcus Cardwell: saxophones, songwriting
Jo-Jo Jefferies: vocals
Allen Otts: guitar, harmonica, songwriting
Matt Slocum: keyboards, songwriting
Joe Evans: bass, songwriting
Dylan Proctor: drums, songwriting
Rob Bochan: engineering, mixing
Recorded at Tubbs Studios, Memphis TN-July 1992

All-Star Jazz Combo

Blue Bossa

Marcus Cardwell: saxophone
Ray Paz: vocals
Jerry Henry: keyboards
DeWayne Jackson: bass
Rodney Hyder: drums, whistle
Recorded at Montreal Jazz Festival, Montreal, Canada-1988